Sample Support Letter

Dear  (name),


(Share what's going on in your life). Because of your important role in my life, I’d like to share with you about a great opportunity that I believe God is leading me to – an opportunity to serve the children in Jamaica on a short-term mission trip. That’s why I’m writing…I’d love for you to be a financial and prayer partner in this mission with me.

Jamaica is a county of extremes. Extreme beauty and extreme poverty. We see advertisements for endless beaches, reggae, and all inclusive resorts. But unfortunately, there is another side to this beautiful island. Just minutes away from the resorts, children are living in poverty, and in dire need of someone to love and care for them.


This is the goal of New Vision Children’s Home  ( which is located in the center of the country in the cool hills of Christiana. New Vision is home to approximately 40 children.  We want to contribute to their lives by (name specific activity you will do).


I am very excited to be a part of this team! Please prayerfully consider how you would be willing to support me during this trip—either through prayer, financial support or both.  The cost of the trip is (cost) . Any amount would be great, but if you would be willing to contribute $20, $50, $100 or more, it would really help me to reach my goal! All donations are tax-deductible and directions for financial contributions can be found below. 


Each team member has been asked to take an extra suitcase of supplies to donate. See the enclosed list of donations we are collecting. I would be more than happy to pick them up, or you may leave them  (place).


Blessings to you,