New Vision is located approximately 2 hours from the Montego Bay. We recommend  Prestige Leasing & Tours Ltd.

for your transportation needs to and from the airport and any other excursions you desire. The general manager, Lorane Chisholm, is also one of our Assembly of God ministers.

Social Media

We understand your desire to share your experiences on social media. However for the safety of our children, posting photos of the children on social media is strictly prohibited. Per government restrictions, you must refrain from tagging or mentioning  any names of children, staff members or local Jamaicans you met. This is simply to protect the privacy & safety of our children. 

Dress Code

It is strongly recommended you receive the flu vaccine if you are planning to arrive during the winter or early spring months. And, be sure your tetanus vaccine is current, especially if you will be assisting with work projects. No other vaccines are required or recommended.

Packing List

● Bath towel & Washcloth

● Beach Towel

● Modest Clothing

● Comfortable shoes/sandals/flip flops

● Toiletries

● Labeled water bottle

● Flashlight & batteries

● Bug spray

● Sunscreen/Sunglasses/Hat

● Personal Medications (Do not declare on customs form but keep in original labeled containers for customs purposes 

● Personal snacks in resealable bags

● Bible

● Hand Sanitizer/wipes

● Plastic bags for dirty & wet clothing

Teams are asked to wear clothing free of inappropriate graphics or language; that does not sag; and is not skimpy / revealing. Men: Please ensure your underwear is covered by your pants/shorts. We ask you to keep your tank tops/T-shirts on while working. Women: Tank tops are fine for women, however we ask that you ensure you are properly covered (even when you are bending over to interact with the children). Make sure your shorts are long enough to cover your bottom if you bend over.


New Vision is not involved in the adoption process of our children and sometimes are even unaware of which children are adoptable at specific times. Please keep in mind that if you have any questions about adoption you can visit the Child Protection and Family Services Agency website at for additional information. Also keep in mind that Jamaica does not allow potential adoptive families to choose the child they wish to adopt. The child is selected for you by CPFSA. We encourage families to apply for adoption and also realize there are many children’s homes across the island filled with children who need a loving home!